welcome to will on wheelz,this blogsite is setup to hopefully answer all of your questions and curiosities about people living with physical disabilities or challenges.On our site we invite you to challenge our minds with thought provoking questions because the only way to educate is to push the brain to the maximum,and that’s the only way we can make lives better for all. Having any type of disability effects all people even those who are not disabled. Here’s how family members, friends, and any close to this life changing experience is hurt not just the patient or victim. QUESTIONS2WOW989 on youtube along with  this blog can help those who want and need it, we’re here for you the public, challenge us please. i wish i had this kind of outlet 29yrs. Ago at the time of my accident, but i didn’t so now i’m here to help others who are new to the lifestyle and their families. Taking rehab interactive is what i’m about and that’s what wow is about. A lot of rehab is emotional and mental, you need both to get back to a normal life even you h abnormal circumstances. Welcome to will on wheelz/QUESTIOS2WOW989


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