every moment of every day since my car accident i have lived almost my entire life inside my mind,. What i mean is that in my mind is the only place the accident and disability never happened, in my imagination i can still walk, in my imagination life is still normal for me and my family. I’m not insane, after all it was albert einstein who said that ”the gift of imagination is far greater than any gift of knowledge he ever obtained, because in his imagination there are no limitations”. I wonder if einstein new any cripple, because that’s exactly how to describe the lives of the physically disabled. We imagine ourselves what society calls normal. The U of M is helping me and others like to imaginations into a reality. I accepted long ago that i may never walk again, even with the advancements in medical research and technology but as long as i can help others to cope with their problems i’m purpose i believe is to help other hurting people, through my life experiences and trust me i have a lot of experience when it comes to living with paralysis.So my life is an open to whom ever wants to know and hopefully learn more about this life as a disabled person. education is the way to beat fear


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