if it don’t fit don’t force it. A very simple saying with a very powerful meaning, it simply means that you can’t a square peg in a round hole. In order to succeed at anything in life personal or professional you must connect with like mind humans. For example my passion is motivational/public speaking as well as helping others like me to love and embrace life no matter what their physical situation. People like don’t have a voice i want to provide that voice. My point is like mind individuals can accomplish so much than multiple people with different agendas, motives, ideology,beliefs goals, interest etc. I always to in this way through youtube and with a blogsite like this one, but i could never connect with the right people until the U of M gave me this opportunity,now i can really help make real difference in lives. Disability doesn’t mean irrelevant, and that’s my message.anyone with a physical challenge must first believe that life has purpose and more important their life has purpose and value. There are multiple layers that makeup the lives and minds of cripple people, we are for the most part complex creatures of habit and routines.My point is this, we all need to surround our lives with consistent people in order to accomplish real goals. cripple doesn’t mean stupid or clueless. Hookup with folks who are on the same page as you, or at least in the same book.People in my inner circle don’t or can’t grasp my passion. God is a God of PURPOSE.Embrace your struggle, we could learn so much from each other, about ourselves.


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