it may sound odd but negative people keep me motivated,and here’s how. I’ve been an underdog all my life, i’ve been counted out more times than i care to remember. Negativity use to bother me until it became my fuel to succeed no matter the odds i ever faced or face. My disability can’t and won’t define me, i will and i must do that for myself. I now realize that my limitations are also my liberation, because i can see the world from a different vantage point which allows me to the true heart of a person or a situation, this  means  that my disability is my blessing i guess 1 can say. once upon a time the doctors told my mom and dad that i wouldn’t make it past age 9,i’m now 35yrs.  old and counting, the doctors also say to my folks that if i lived i would be in a vegetated state, not bosting but not bad for a vegetable point is that i relish in my role as the underdog. we who live with disabilities are always viewed as underdogs and that’s okay but please don’t ever count us out. The lines of the rhymes have changed but the story’s old, people like me never get a chance that’s why i’m so grateful to mr. Donn hilker and the university of michigan for this chance. Using my life to help others is more than gratifying it’s therapy for my mind, heart and soul. Find your purpose


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