the average person walking around in society doesn’t fully understand just what a physical disability is or how to a person with physical challenges. First of all it’s not their fault, i fill that our gov. Should setup a program that help to educate the public on the differences between a mentally challenged person and a disabled person, but that’ll never happen. People always approach with questions like. Can he talk, can he understand, can he hear or my favorite can he eat pizza? Lol. Yes i’m all here mentally, thank God. We who can must educate people on how our lives function on a daily bases, that’s the only way to cut the fear. Knowledge is the way to rewrite things, the gov. Has not cared about us since the death of mr. Christopher reeve, that’s a fact. No one appreciates the reeve family more than i but the fight for us isn’t over it never ended for people who are like me. If society learned more about paralysis or SCI’s i truly believe they would care. please keep educating those who don’t know or understand.


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