the rehabilitation process has so many interesting and complicated layers, and believe it or not the rehab process never ends. look at it this way, a major part of rehabbing is physical and it is long and extremely hard and very painful, trust i speak from experience.Once you make it the physical stage of rehab then you must tackle the emotional and mental part of the process, that’s the real challenge. The further removed i get from the day that changed my life forever the harder my life becomes. Now i’m thinking about all the things i should have accomplished at age 35.things that should have such as a family, a home, a meaningful job, you know stuff that normal people with a normal life have. oh by the way what is normal? The learning part of this thing never ends, it’s been 29yrs. And counting for me and i’m still learning. Coach john wooden said that ”once you know everything there is to know in life. What do you do with the new knowledge that you obtain”? We live our lives on levels and we arrive in stages. My life can still be meaningful walking or not, and your life means a lot to, BELIEVE THAT. I use to be angry depressed and bitter but not any more, now i’m just focused on making a difference for others who also walk in my shoes. I’m cripple but i’m not cripple, just think about that for a minute. I think therefore i’m not cripple, my disability is just my ladder to making a difference.


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