Albert Einstein 

“The gift of imagination is far greater than any gift of knowledge that I’ve ever obtained because in my imagination there are know limititations.” 

Sometime I feel like Einstein already had me in mind when he said this because, I feel like the only place that I exist is in my own imagination. My life is like one big altered world that I don’t recognize sometime but yet in still I’m still here by design not by accident. So even though I may face adversity in my own life I still love life and I embrace it if I can teach something I hope it’s that being cripple means nothing there are no excuses just ignorant people who make them. Would I like to walk again? Do I expect to walk again? Yes I would like to walk again, no I do not think I will walk again but that is not the end all be all to my life I’m here for a purpose and I’m going to serve my purpose walking or not.


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