Larry Barnett Jr. 

You can’t move forward when your always looking back. Maturing is not getting older maturing is learning to be accountable for your own actions and mistakes and learning from them and then growing past them. I blame myself for my accident that left me paralyzed from the neck down I’m not depressed about it that revelation was actually very enlightening because that meant that I am able to embrace my struggles and learn about who I really am. Everyone does not have the same experience I just share mine to hopefully help others with physical challenges or maybe even help those who are by societies definition normal. When I wrote my five books I learned more about myself than I did about the subject matter of those books I learned that I don’t absolutely suck like how I thought I did after high school for a very long time I actually felt like I had know place in the world but that was just a myth. If I can go through all I’ve been through and still be breathing I know I’m here for a reason. 


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