I think I can, I know I can

it may sound odd to most people on the outside, but a major part of the rehab process is mind over matter. I don’t mind and my disability doesn’t matter, i have a goal set for my life and being cripple won’t stop me. The only one that stop or block you is you. People negative or positive can only push us to be successful at whatever we choose to do in life, believe me i know from experience. So i’m cripple, get over it, i have. My name is larry not cripple guy. People who live with any type of physical challenge need to attack life head on, never look back and a never give-up attitude. It takes a chip on your shoulder to survive this long, it’s the way God built me. I also have an awesome support system because it also takes a group effort to get things accomplished when live with paralysis. I hope that anyone reading disabled or not will be motivated by my words. I use my anger and frustration to help motivate others, who keeps me going is anyone who learn from my life, and do better with theirs. I hope you guys out there can feel what i’m saying.


4 thoughts on “I think I can, I know I can

  1. Thank you so much again. Your words have encouraged me to continue to work hard. It’s not really easy getting people to embrace my blog site or my YouTube channel. I look at every positive word as motivation .
    Please feel free to check out the YouTube channel: Questions2wow989

    Thank You


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