WOW!!! Let’s get it

the objective of this blogsite as well as the youtube channel QUESTIONS2WOW989 is to rewrite the book on how society views the physically disabled, through education. Education is the only way to beat ignorance and fear but only if people are willing to learn and embrace the unknown. The unknown is very scary but it can be very enlightening as well, my disability hurts like you guys wouldn’t believe, but if someone out there can benefit from my pain then all my suffering is worth it. Will on wheelz is the vehicle i must use to help the people. One person at a time we can and will impact lives in a positive way. Please learn from my life, ask me anything on this blog or on QUESTIONS2WOW989 i’m an open book. Don’t be afraid, be curious. When you ask the question why, that’s when you begin the search for knowledge.


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