misunderstood/lion heart

i’m not being mean, nor am i being cruel when i say that most not all able bodied people have very little concern, time, interest in, or compassion for the physically disabled. Most people can’t or won’t care unless this altered world we live in becomes their reality. I’m not bitter toward anyone can walk, trust me that’s not the issue or the point. My issue is people like me want to accepted not overlooked or rejected, that’s all we ever wanted. I’m normal, we’re normal, please treat us that way. Most think that we’re starving for attention, but it’s not the case at all, we are however starving for a chance. A chance to have a normal life even in this abnormal circumstance. We are normal people, don’t look at me like that.i don’t wish this life on anyone, all i ask is that society let me, let us in the door and what positive impact we can make. Get near us don’t fear us, we’re people also. It’s a physical disability it’s not contagious!!!!! see my pain in my words, see my heart in this entire blog site.in school they use to call me lion heart, because i never showed fear and i pray that all of you can see and understand why.anyone who has survived this and is still surviving should be called, LION HEART.


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