omg, am i invisible and voiceless

sometimes being cripple can lead to people ignoring and treating like a no class citizen, even when you try your absolute hardest to make yourself relevant. In times like these we must dig in and keep pushing forward, it’s the only way to survive and keep your sanity. Forget the rest and your best and always know that everyone is not mentally equipped to understand and work with the disabled. It takes very, very special people to take on the challenge of working with people who have needs, not just special needs but needs period. I’ve been this will on wheelz crusade for 11yrs. And i never had much support, but now i do. The UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN is giving a chance to help rehabilitate lives, WOW!!! I can’t believe i have this opportunity.Things like this just don’t happen for people like me. I’m motivated by making a difference for others like me.


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