My Dream

Although it is true, my biggest life desire use to be that one day I would walk again. The older I got and the more time passed, I felt like walking again was less important than me trying yo impact the world as we know it. I have said a million times the my goal was to rewrite the book on how our society views the physical disabled. One day I was reflecting on the whole entire life journey up to this point I realize that I have done a lot, achieve a lot and accomplished so many goals in my life time. I’m not going to list them all because it would sound like I’m content and I’m not. In my mind my past is no big deal. I honestly don’t feel like I have accomplished anything. I can not and will not relax or rest until I get a Doctorate degree. That’s right my P.H.D. I don’t want it out of arrogance, although some my say I’m all ready that. I really want this because it would make my disability feel like it actually meant something and made a difference. Like all of my blood sweat and tears for 29 years and counting was not all in vain or insane.


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