although i’m normal according to societies rules, my life couldn’t be more abnormal because this disability that was thrust upon me at the unknowing age of 6.or was i thrust into this life? I’ll figure that out later. Although things for me growing up were so different from everyone else i learned how to adapt and adjust to a lot of awkward situations, but i didn’t do it alone, that’s for sure. My parents are AWESOME!!! Like for real people. Before my accident we took a lot of family trips every where man, it’s was our annual thing every spring and summer, i loved it. One day we came after my rehab in denver, we’ll talk more about that later. So my folks and i were talking after my rehab in 86 about our family trip memories before the accident. And got sad because i thought that travel was no longer an option because i’m cripple. We’ll to make a long story short my folks bought me a BUS, and the trips resumed bigger and better than before. My folks helped and help my mental stability for sure. I’ll give you more later the stories don’t stop


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