not for everyone

mainstream and social are wonderful ideas, inventions and concepts however they just don’t work for everyone out there. here’s what i mean, when i was given the opportunity to work with the U of M’s rehab department i was super excited and i still am super excited, i told family and a few friends to show support for this program by posting well thought out intelligent questions to my blogsite and youtube channel and i got no support at all from the people within my own inner circle, wow right. It bothered me at first but the more i thought about it i realized that only a few very special humans can be truly sincere about individuals like myself, besides i’m not that easy get along with., lol. How hard is it to support a great cause though? Sometimes i fell that no one really cares about the physically disables, am i right? I hope i am. All we want is a place to fit in, i tried Facebook, twitter, friend life, and i just don’t fit in any where, until i met mr. Donn hilker. This project is a chance of a lifetime. There are so many out there like me or worse and they have no voice, because they either can’t talk or nobody listens when they do, i’ve been a victim of both. I just want to be a voice for those awesome folks, being cripple was a problem long before it happen to christopher reeve or erik legrande, no disrespect to either man.the problem is still here, give a shot please. All i need is a hand, not a handout.


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