Living With A Disability 

Being cripple is like being locked inside of a dark room with no way out, you have the ability to hear everything that is going on the outside world but you have no way to connect to it. My brain,my heart and my voice are fully functioning but they are trapped inside of a body that just doesn’t work, and the older I get the harder this life gets for me because now I’m thinking what life could have been if I had not crossed that busy street in 1986. This disability did not bother me at all in early years but now I’m an old guy and I’m thinking about what my life should have been at this point. These thoughts haunt me everyday and I have been at point break more times than I care to remember but because of GOD I have manage to hold it together I feel like I’m fighting not just for my self but for all people who are like me. The disabled do matter and it’s times for society to listen to our voice. Knowledge is the only way that we can reach our world, know matter how young or old a person may be, always be willing to educate and learn as much as you can while you can.


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