spinal cord injuries

some people out their would like to understand what it is like living life as quadriplegic,that’s a very deep thought, almost erie. I thank you guys for posing this question, it takes lots of nerves and guts to even allow your minds to wonder such a thing, here’s my best answer. Close your eyes and imagine being locked away in the darkest, scariest,most quiet part of your unable to leave that room, ever. Then imagine listening to family, friends and loved one’s laughing, talking and having a good time but you can’t join in because you are unable to make it into the room,. Waking up to learn that you are now cripple is like getting hit with a baseball, by a 270 pound defensive end while you’re blind folded. Life is so much harder when you are paraliysed, but it’s still very doable.Obstacles are just stepping stones now. Having to adapt and adjust my life on ever level and stage has been more than a challenge on every single level,sometimes in life starting over is the best way to reach our real goals. My injuries made an impact not just my life, but so many others around me. We had to legally fight to get me into regular education classrooms, and my parents and i helped others that i never met.It’s hard living with a disability but it is very necessary.


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