what does the future hold4us?

normally i’m the guy answering the tough questions, but this time i have one for you guys out there. with all of the changes going on with healthcare, such insurance, healthcare providers. Care giver salary,money for new medical equipment, etc. What does the future really hold for the physically disabled? Does society really care about us? Is the americans with disabilities act a bunch of bologna?I really don’t know anymore at this point of my life. I really want to be an advocate for the disabled, our UNITED STATES GOV. Treats cripple people like no class citizens. Today has been a toughie, why do people think that the fight for the cripple died when mr. Christopher reeve past away? The battle for the physically disabled is still alive, because we are. Society shouldn’t be allow to discard us like we’re less than nothing i have my brain, heart, and voice i must make them work in order to help the people that need it the most. we do not have to be able to walk in order to make a difference.Our voices and lives do matter. Rehabilitating lives, rehabilitating families!!!


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