protect no fault insurance, please protect us

so our wonderful michigan state congress/government wants to change the michigan no fault insurance laws, and not for the better. They want to use that money set aside for us paralyzed human beings to fix the road ways, i know WOW! I’ve lived here in michigan all of my life, the roads have always been crappy. So what’s change anyway, RIGHT? Forget the roadways cripple people need this damn money for medical purposes, not cosmetics.The gov. Is trying to treat us physically disabled like no class, nothing citizens. Guess what congress our lives do matter. What if it were your children or grandchildren who couldn’t walk or breath on there own, and needed medical and insurance assistance for everything?What would you do, how would you feel, or handle it? People just don’t care about the disabled, do they? The federal and state gov. Overall must reprioritize everything,the so called little people like myself are being being crushed by the big boys on top, so i ask what does the future hold for physically disabled? God please help us don’t let legislature wipe out people who have very special needs. Congress is sitting on billions of dollars meant for the physically challenged, but they don’t want us have because they want it for BS. Why do i need a wheelchair? Why do i need a new ventilator?Why do they need home modifications?Why does he need a vent try on the wheelchair? The answer is simple, because i’m paralyzed you idiots.I need my computer equipment so that i can communicate with the outside world, is anyone feeling my pain, or hearing our voice, please help us. Protect MICHIGAN’S NO FAULT INSURANCE, PLEASE we’re people to. If you’d like to talk more with me on any topic just follow this blog and leave comments. Also checkout QUESTIONS2WOW989 on youtube, you can leave comments on there as well. Follow me on twitter THEBARNETTZONE. I really don’t need or want my rights snatched away, i can’t afford it, can you? Oh by the way they want to make the changes retroactive.


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