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if anyone out there happens to be on Facebook,i actually found a practical use for it. I started a fb group called WillonWheelz, it’s geared toward any and everyone who has true concerns and desire to help the physically disabled. paralyzed individuals like myself are not just fighting for cosmetic items such as vans, home modifications,etc. Although we really need those things also. what we are fighting for is our right to live, with the stress of worrying about medical bills, equipment cost, cost of supplies, and someone trying to destroy our no fault insurance. Disabled people have enough day to day stress, please don’t and to our troubles government, what were your loved one’s. group WillonWheelz on Facebook;join us, questions2wow989 on youtube; pick my brain please, and follow this blog. Q&A about anything, your lives matter, and so do ours.


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