is it all for not?

what do you do when hard work doesn’t work anymore? We seem to be living in an era where idiotic ideas and inventions get more air time and attention than people with real issues, and problems. Intelligence has been replace with ignorance on every level, case and point reality television, keeping up with the kardashians, enough said. people think i’m odd because i read a lot or watch nat geo, history, h2,, smithsonian channel etc. I work hard for what i believe in because i truly believe that one man can make a difference. Somedays i do feel like no real progress is being made, i feel like i’m just spinning my wheels in the mud because the public is not responding to my post or videos, no disrespect to the supporters i do have i just wish more people gave a damn but they don’t. I don’t need or want fame, attention, or glory i just to make a difference in people’s lives. see my heart not my words, if you’re not here to help, then get the hell out the way, simple as that.


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