because of my physical disability i am locked out of mainstream society. People hate what they can’t conquer and fear what they don’t understand i guess it’s just the theory of mankind. The smartest people can be so dumb, they snub because i’m cripple nothing else, don’t judge my exterior judge my character. at this stage of my life i now realize that my brain is my only ally on this journey to rewrite the book on how your society views the physically disabled. I say your society because cripple people like me are nothing more than no class citizens to the rest of the world, there is nothing i can do or say to change that reality. President barrack h. Obama does not give a damn about the physically disabled, but then again no one does, RIGHT. All we want is to be heard, a hand not a handout. I guess if we were a bunch of hollywood mega super stars with disabilities then people would give a fuck, but we’re not celebraties we’re just folks with a very significant need. I’m not contagious i’m cripple, there is a difference.

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