i was approached way back on feb. 5,2015 by an employee of the university of michigan, a school that i had and have a tremendous amount of respect for every since i was4yrs. Of age, maybe younger. The U of M worker told me that he wanted me lawrence barnett jr. To work along with their rehab program talking to new patience who are now living physical disabilities and challenges, this was my craziest dream come true. I always wanted to be apart of the maze and blue, and helping the physically disabled was to me a chance to help rehabilitate lives and families using the knowledge that i along with my parents obtained during my rehab in denver colorado29yrs. Ago. I was to setup this blogsite along with a youtube channel called QUESTIONS2WOW989,you can check it out if you’d like. Through social media i was to help motivate those that need it most through my life experience. Everything was going awesome for a month or better until i stop getting feedback on my videos and blogpost. At first i felt like i did something until i noticed no one from the rehab department had answered21of my emails in over a month. Wow, right, so now i was really confused and upset, not mad yet but dazed and confused for sure. I mean these folks at this school understand the struggle of the disabled, surely they wouldn’t leave me hanging like this, or would they. they did leave me hanging, i feel they used me to promote their rehab program and once they reached their quota they dropped me. Some people really don’t care care about the cripple, especially if they can walk themselves. Think of it this way, what if it were your child, or any other family member, love one, or what if it was you? How would they deal with a lifetime of rejection?The program was desolved 3weeks before they told me about it, i love michigan that’s why this one hurts like hell. So what’s next for willonwheelz an questions2wow989 on youtube. Idk7290_10200190626624484_483060258_n


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