true grit

a real fighter who had real, courage, honor, heart and soul, and true grit, she lived in the moment,she fought everyday, lauren hill should’ve receive every espy award, not jenners ,or sams last year. wtf going on with the nonsense WATCH: Lauren Hill: Best Moment Recipient ESPN.GO.COM


a better life


why won’t you sign my petition? It’s not a joke or a scam, it’s legit all3of them are. I’m trying my very best to evoke real positive man,.this is why nothing in our society ever changes or gets better, because 97%of everybody is all talk but no action. Why can’t people support me on these petitions? ”if you are afraid that you are gonna change something, just do me a favor and remember where you came from”-lupe fiasco-. Please share my3petitions with everyone.

sign4change, it’s my petition

http:/ Hi Larry, One week ago, you started your petition on So far you’ve got 17 signatures, which is a great start! Getting more signatures will make your petition more likely to win. More signatures show a greater amount of support for your petition, which will help convince your decision maker to make the change you’re working for. The best place to start is by emailing your friends, telling them that you’ve started a petition and why it’s important to you. Here’s an email you can send to your friends right now: Hello! I’ve started the petition “Barack Obama, Vanessa Guerra, Gary Peters: hands off no fault insurance.” and need your help to get it off the ground. Will you take 30 seconds to sign it right now? Here’s the link: Here’s why it’s important: senate bill SB248 and SB249 will destroy the lives of the physically disabled, by bastardizing our health care. I appeal this purposed change because it’s an enemy of my life, i along with many other physically disabled people need if nothing else excellent healthcare. our lives are literally at risk if this awful bill passes. What if it were you or your children in our position, what would you do? How would you deal with this obvious problem, and threat to your very exsistance? Lawrence Barnet, Jr. 1409 Lamont Street Saginaw, Michigan 48601 June 17, 2015 Dear XX, My name is Lawrence Barnett, Jr. and I am writing as a concerned citizen about SB248. I know first hand the effect that SB248 will have on the physically disabled. At the age of X years old, I was hit by a car in front of my mothers job. The accident left me on a ventilator and paralyzed. Despite what may seem like insurmountable obstacles, I attended and gradated high school. After high school I enrolled in collage and started taking courses. My physical limitations hold no restriction on my life. I have been and continue to be a contributor to my community and family, which is why I feel, compelled to write to you regarding SB248. SB248’s impact on the disabled is egregious. The impact of this bill on Michigan’s disabled has numerous impacts: 1) the limitation of wages for in home heath care workers is limited to $15 per hour. No matter their education or the quality of care they provide. As America makes the turn for higher living wages for all, this limitation has even further impact on family members that stay home to care for their disabled loved ones. It’s not a living wage! 2) The limitation imposed by insurance companies limiting hospitals and rehabilitation centers charge no more than 150% of the Medicare rate. This may cause some healthcare options to change as providers start to use cheaper supplies and less expensive healthcare methods. It is my understanding that many healthcare professionals are concerned about the implications of this change as well. Some of the offices and members may go out of business. As a result, it could cause supplies and health care professionals in my area to go out of business thus being inaccessible to me and others that may be in need of their services 3) More importantly is the discontinuation of tuition assistance for the disabled. This benefit serves as a critical benefit one that I’ve taken advantage of and one that is critical all members of society. Being disabled does not take away ones desire to learn and contribute and education helps to foster that growth. I write and appeal your action not only as a concerned citizen but also as someone that this legislation directly impacts. As America makes strides, it should not be on the backs of the disabled. Larry Barnett, Jr. You can sign my petition by clicking here. Thanks! Larry Barnett Jr. If you have any questions, read this detailed guide on how to promote your petition. Good luck, The Team P.S.: Do you use Facebook or Twitter? They’re a great way to tell your friends why you’ve started a petition. Click here to share your petition on Facebook and click here to Tweet about it. You’re receiving this email because you created the petition Barack Obama, Vanessa Guerra, Gary Peters: hands off no fault insurance. on The petition has been signed by 17 people. A petition has been created on using this email address. If you didn’t create this petition, click here. To recruit more signers, share your petition through Facebook or Twitter. You can edit your petition, add contact details for decision maker(s), message signers and declare victory on your petition page. Visit the tips and guides section for expert advice on how to win, or contact the Help Center with questions about your petition. This email was sent by to You can edit your notification preferences or unsubscribe from emails. Contact us   ·   Privacy policy   ·   Start a petition   ·   548 Market St #29993, San Francisco, CA 94104-5401, USA

it’s a movement

living with a physical disability is like being incarcerated with death as your release date, and i’m not ready to take that ride, yet. to be an advocate for other cripple people is my dream, this fight may not benefit me but it could help someone after me. No fault insurance, education, real jobs, etc. Is what we all must have to live and survive. a greeter at walmart is not going to be enough to survive on, no offense. I’m willing to expose my soul to the whole world if that will improve the lives of the disabled. Willonwheelz is a movement, it’s my reality.